We get asked all the time how to make better videos.  Throughout our site we have many posts and videos about how to craft the best story, shoot and edit it.  Sometimes just getting started is the best way to go.  So here is a quick Beginner’s Guide to Video.

First off no one likes a shaky video, here are some quick tips that everyone can do without spending any extra money. First tGuide For Videoip is keeping your elbows in; it creates a more stable shot. Second tip, three legs are better than one, create a tripod. If you have a few extra bucks then you always can go out and buy a tripod as well. They also have many new ways to stabilize video if you are shooting with a Smartphone or smaller camera. Keeping it steady never seemed so easy.

What am I supposed to shoot? You need to figure out the 5 W’s, who, what, where, when, why. Who will be in the shot in the video and who will be shooting the video? What is the video about? Where will it be shot? When, day or night will it be shot? And last but not least why, why is this video needed, what is the message? When you are planning all of this after you get all of the details together you are one step closer to shooting a better video.

Don’t forget the lights! People think that cameras are amazing pieces of technology that can work in the dark, but unfortunately that is not true.  Our human eyes are so much better at reacting to and adjusting for light.  If the room is dimly lit, it will be hard for the camera to see you.  So turn on some lights or go outside in the sun to make sure you are seen.  For best results try to set up the light behind the camera so the light falls on to your subjects face and your camera does not see it.  When using consumer cameras, like an iPhone, if the camera sees a very bright light source, it may dim the camera down to adjust.  Unfortunately this also means that your subject will get darker as well.  So put the light behind your camera and you are all set.
Beginners guide to Video

If you are having trouble getting your video to feel like it sohuld, having a back up plan or plan b is a great idea. It doesn’t have to be anything huge; it could be as simple as switching your shot list or changing your interview questions. Do not get flustered if things don’t work out there is always  a way to get things to come out just the way you want them to.

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