There is such a large sense of community here in Nashville, from the people to the places we are very lucky to be centered right here in Music City. Last week we took our cameras all around town to great places and worked with some amazing people.

We are creating the video for a travel jacket company. They were looking for a few informational product

Awesome shot at The Renaissance Hotel, Bridge Bar! Something is always happening on the bridge!

Awesome shot at The Renaissance Hotel, Bridge Bar! Something is always happening on the bridge!

videos and then a crowdfunding video. With that being said, we needed to put our imagination to work to find a few different creative locations. “How does a video company make a venue look like place else?”, is usually what many people ask. Well we love the challenge and we are good at it! If you live in the Nashville area and have been to the lovely Renaissance Hotel’s Bridge Bar, you know that it is an awesome space, with different seating areas and a view of the city. When we needed to create an airport feel in the video The Bridge Bar was the first place we reached out to and they said YES!! The Bridge Bar team was so gracious about letting us use their space!

We unloaded the truck super early in the morning (when it was still dark out!) and got down to business, with the creative team’s vision to create an airport out of a bar. Placing a few props like suitcases and different people in the seating areas really helped it feel Renaissance Hotel The Bridge Barlike an airport lounge that you see at any airport at any time. With the magic that is video, we plan to put a runway or airplane in the window so it really rounds out the vision of being at an airport, and by we, I mean the editor!

With the bar opening at 11 am for lunch, we were able to get everything we needed in that one location in just a few hours. It really does help when the team stays on track and working towards that same goal – one great video.

The Renaissance Hotel was the perfect place to shoot a segment of this video and we can not wait to shoot in there again and work with their fantastic team! It truly is an amazing city we work in, the endless possibilities grow every day. If you have not been to The Bridge Bar at the Renaissance Hotel for a drink or even a weekend stay, you should check it out and be a part of our adventure and community here in Nashville!

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