In Nashville, there are a few places that come to mind when you think of pizza, one of them being 312 Pizza Company which serves authentic Chicago deep-dish pizza and prime patio seating as well. When we are in need of an outdoor cafe feel to film a recent video we know who to contact!

Reaching out to the owner Dan, was not hard because here at WeMakeVideos we are frequent patrons of that tasty establishment!

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Bagels, Coffee and WeMakeVideos; or Lights, Camera, Action?!

Dan was more than happy to let us use the patio and transform it to an outside cafe! Just like in many of the locations we use, we would arrive early and get all the shots before they even
 opened. We didn’t have to make any changes to the area when shooting this segment. We were able to have our production crew get there early to set up lights and the camera before the talent showed up so we were ready to roll when he put on his handy jacket. We even had time to sneak in a bagel and coffee, it’s necessary to fuel up before a long day of shooting! The crew and talent were packed up and ready to move to the next location as soon as the servers were starting their opening duties!

During this shoot, we were able to use some new toys, such as the Ronin Steadicam. It made following the actor around perfect with no shaking!
Nashville Video locationWe used the steadicam so the talent could walk and talk straight to camera.  This was the conversational view that the client really wanted and loved.

With the city of Nashville being so alive with music and media finding great locations is always a win. Only a video production company can turn the patio of a pizza place into a gadget lover’s hangout place! The great thing about working with local people is that there is nothing stopping you from going back to say thank you while having the opportunity to order a nice deep-dish pizza! Yum! What could be better- happy clients, showing off local businesses and great video concepts!

We will be showing off this recent Nashville video production project soon!

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