2015 has been a huge year for WeMakeVideos. Not only has our company grown, but we have worked with so many amazing people and products, so let’s get down to it!

First let’s introduce you to the few new faces of the WeMakeVideos family.
Kickstarter Video production Nashville
Alyssa Pulice came on back in the end of 2014 all the way from New Jersey. She started off as our in-house blogger and social media guru but has grown to be great working with clients and our company to be one of our new Producers. She made the move to Nashville in April and has been growing our Kickstarter department and gaining knowledge in the world of production. Alyssa just celebrated her one year with us and we are thrilled to see what she does next, this town is not ready for her!

Nashville film video productionWith all the work we have been doing in the past 8 months it was only smart to bring on a new creative mind to help our Creative Director with some of the project editing and on set help. Lemmy Saylor was the answer! Coming to Nashville from Indiana Lemmy was ready to get his hands dirty and start putting his fabulous hair and hands to work. In just a few months he has showed us his skill on and off set, with creative ideas on how to light different shots and put another eye on edits.

We are excited to see where this new team takes us and are ready to see how much more we can take on with the extra hands and the extra creative minds. Now we will shift gears to the projects we have worked on from Kickstarter videos to Corporate videos.

Kickstarter and Crowdfunding is a world all its own. We have been working with crowdfunding campaigns and creating crowdfunding videos since 2011 and pride ourselves in being a video partner when someone begins the journey that is crowdfunding. This year we have worked with many different people with many different products.

Shape and Bake– The one of a kind stainless steel bakeware that you can use to shape a cake into anything you put your mind too. The owner created this product to bring excitement to the baking world and to help anyone from home bakers to award-winning bakers! This product was fun to work with because it had our producers in the kitchen for two days before the shoot playing and baking with this product. The one thing that is wonderful when working with a working product on set instead of a prototype is you really get to see how things really are supposed to work. Not only were we covered in frosting and cake batter but we came up some pretty wonderful cakes and of course, a great video!

Tic Tac Tile – This is a company with over 20 years of experience and gives anyone the chance to give their homes a facelift with no mess and easy installation. Tic Tac Tile is changing the way you think of tile by creating 3D self-adhesive tiles that you can just peel and stick to create your new bathroom or kitchen backsplash. This project was super hands on! Shooting multiple days in several locations with different actors and tile samples was a lot for our producers to keep track of but it was a great product to work with. With the locations we did have, the owners still have the tiles up in their kitchen and think it is a great alternative to actual tiling. We not only did a Kickstarter project with this company, but we also were able to do a How-To video with them as well. It was great to be able to show in detail how you apply a product like this so there are no questions when someone goes to purchase it.

Force Glove- This project really let the office creative minds soar! The Force Glove is a new gaming glove that works with haptic technology and pairs up with games already on the market, letting you become one with your game! Taking racecar driving and sword fighting to the next level.  This one was really fun we were able to do the full shoot in the studio on all black! We used a spotlight on the actor and really showcased the glove and the movements that could be done. We were able to use a lot of new toys on this shoot, like our new mannequin hand and turn table, as well as our SMS which is a very fancy large human size lazy susan! The graphics for this project was in another dimension to say the least. Our in-house creative team was able to really put time and energy into hyping up what these gloves could really do.  

Relic Pizza Oven – It was two scorching hot days in August, in Nashville with this project shoot so to say it was a crazy hot video is an understatement. This is a very unique product as it turns any circular grill into a pizza oven with just a few pieces. Made from all local products and is a created to be super durable, unlike other ceramic ovens. The product is made from natural and environmentally friendly materials which is something this company prides themselves on. These guys were so fun to work with and were able to show us their craft and exactly how the product is made and used. We were able to use different techniques and different shots to make sure the video moved along and to make sure the story was as compelling as we could make it. We might have even eaten a few slices of pizza, but hey can you blame us! 

Those are just a few of the videos we did this past year for the Kickstarter/Crowdfunding crowd. Of course Kickstarter is not all we focus on, we do a lot of different corporate videos as well from interviews to product videos here is a look.

Louisiana Grills – Well just from the name of the company you can tell we are going to be outside for this one. We shot this one in early January in the bitter cold when a few of us were sick with the flu, but you know what they say…the show must go on. We shot this video to make it feel like it was the summer and in the dead of winter, we pulled it off. This was a two-day shoot and we had everything from our normal cameraman, director and producer on set, but we also were dealing with food which is not always the easiest to tackle when on set so we brought on a food stylist aka the chef. You can tell in the video that the food looks perfect! When you are shooting with food there are a few things to consider. Timing is everything and organization is key! You really want to make sure you have all of the shots you need before you put food on that grill because it will never be that clean again! Or you can create the simple solution in bringing in two grills for the shoot, depending on who your client is. This video was a product video highlighting many aspects of this grill. 

PowerFilm, Helio Vault – This project involved us shipping Nick out to Ames, Iowa to shoot a product video. Who doesn’t want to travel for work once and while! Nick packed up and set out to create our next creative video. With many different locations and scenarios sometimes it is challenging to have someone on one end plan it all and then hope to show up and everything is good to go. This time around it worked. PowerFilm was wonderful to work with and was so on board with the creative scenes we came up with. If we needed a coffee maker we had a coffee maker, when we needed to set up a tailgate scene we created a tailgate scene. They all were wonderful to work with and super helpful when it came to getting their video made. Travel again is not always easy when it comes to a production but with this one everything fell into place. 

Live action is not all we focused on this year, we have really opened up what we do in terms of video. We have had many clients this year ask for website presentations and animations. As we have said before we want to be your partner in video, so when you need something from us we will try and do everything we can to get it done the right way and in the right timeframe.

2015 has been a huge year for us and as we continue to grow our We Make Videos family with new employees and new clients we want you to be along for the ride! Who knows where 2016 will take us but we want you next to us and we want to hear from you!

Happy New Year! 2016 Bring It On!

Nashville Video production new year

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