Each video project we work on is different in its own way. One client called us and wanted to create three different videos for a product that they have and then wanted to connect them all to create a Kickstarter video. Of course creating three separate videos is not hard at all, we make videos, it’s what we do every day. What we needed to do with this one was figure out a way to create a story and have three videos stand on their own and make sense. Can you follow the story we created for this commercial? 

The storytelling problem was solved by our Creative Director with tricks and subtle things we could do when we were actually on the two-day shoot for this video!  This product is pretty awesome for many different reasons. The company is Global Travel Clothing and they have created a jacket for anyone on the go. Whether you are traveling, love gadgets or a parent that never has enough hands these jackets are for you! With over 10 pockets in each jacket, we needed to create the story to display everything for each type of jacket.

Take a look at the three videos we put together, they each have their own story but then come together for a unique commercial.

For the Parent: “Ditch the Diaper Bag”

For the Gadget Lover:

For the Traveler:

As you can see they all have a story and they all are addressing a need. Global Travel Clothing has really upped the ante on these jackets. They even created a special jacket to feature on Kickstarter called The Joey Jacket to expand their brand and add more inventory. This is the video we needed to create from all three of the videos. It was nice to see how our Creative Director’s thought process came together with just one sentence or one shift of a camera.

Combination Video:

With these videos, we were able to put something together that solved a creative block while giving the client exactly what they were looking for. Kickstarter can be tricky when it comes to launching on a crowdfunding website and also wanting videos on your own website. We are able to do both but this one was even a creative wrestling match for us! If you are starting your video venture and get stuck we would love to hear from you. There is no creative task our team can’t solve.


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