Direct Response TV or DRTV as people know it as in the business is a team that can describe anything marketed over the television usually with a website or a toll-free number asking those who are watching at home to take the action and buy their product now! You may think to yourself why use Direct Response TV, why not sell things in department stores or where someone would see them everyday. Well, the Direct Response TV world has increased significantly since it started.

Direct response TV NashvilleWhat is Direct Response TV good for? There are tons of things! For those parents that need to do holiday shopping but don’t have time to leave the office or are crazy busy with the kids, that’s where the online shopping comes in perfectly and with the DRTV deals it is something they will not want to miss. DRTV has been used for new products, testing product lines, to drive retail sales, even public relations.

There are two forms of direct response TV, short and long forms. Breaking them down it is pretty simple. Short form is more of a commercial two minutes or less so your standard commercial spot but it is filled with a total explainer video and ends with a buy now line. The long form of Direct Response TV is where the term infomercial came in. This is the most common time for infomercials. The long form is usually 28 minutes and 30 seconds, these are usually for products that needs to educate consumers and spread awareness.

So many companies now a days use Direct Response TV and there are many companies whose specialty is DRTV and they continue to use the same format, and it really works. As you probably know there are As Seen on TV products all over the Nashville Direct Response TV Video Companyglobe on shelves, most of them hit the stores after their campaign has ended or if they are on to the next steps!  

You might think of Direct Response TV when you see the ChiaPet or the Bacon Bowl but even the Super Bowl commercials are DRTV spots. Just think if a commercial has a 800 number it is a Direct Response TV spot so commercials like and Kars for Kids are DRTV spots, who would have thought?

We have jumped into the infomercial space on a different level by doing multiple product videos and are excited to help you with your next Direct Response TV spot short or long, we are here for you!

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