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Commercial Video Production is more than grabbing a camera and hitting “record”

Learn more about We Make Videos – Nashville’s Leading Video Production Company. View demo video. Learn how video works and how it can  grow your business. Complete Video Production Services.  Complete Video Production Services.

Creative Agency

Your company needs a voice. We have the team and the knowledge to help you strategize and organize your digital content, while communicating to all of your audiences.

Video Producers

People don’t read, they watch and listen. Our team can create communication tools for every department in your company.

Content Strategists

Your content needs a plan. WMV will prioritize, organize and maximize your digital assets to drive results.


Speaking effectively to your internal and external audiences through media is a must. We’ll teach you how.

About We Make Videos – Nashville’s Leading Video Production Company

About We Make Videos – a creative agency focused on video production. Working with businesses of all shapes and sizes, our team creates solutions that enhances companies’ internal and external communications.*

*(That’s fancy talk for “we help businesses communicate better”)



Creative Director

Not the creative type? Don’t worry, Nick is. He is so creative that he spent most of his childhood in the corner. Who knew it could actually make him money one day.




You know all those cool explosions you see on tv?  Lots of little pieces need to go together to make that succeed.  He makes sure they are all “right place – right time”. Yeah, that’s Lemmy.


Owner / Strategy

Can’t we just be creative and make videos all day? No, someone has to actually run the company.  Thanks Amy. Every team needs a go getter. Want to know more about We Make Videos?  Give Amy a call anytime.




We don’t like Reeves because he looks as good in his own photos as he makes everyone else look in theirs.


“Videos overpower images. Images overpower text.

Don’t just tell them. Wow them.  Add video.” – We Make Videos

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Video Producer at WeMakeVideos Nashville Video Production Company

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We Make Videos - Nashville's Leading Video Production Company.  Award Winning Video Services for Marketing & Business.

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